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Published: 04th April 2011
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Its truly grand to watch the Falcons take on the Lions because Michael Turner the Burner is

my favorite player in the NFL not on the Chargers. Being from Georgia I have always liked

the Falcons. This game could not be going any better as Turner is doing what he does best

every time.

There is NO pure runner in the NFL better than Michael Turner and trust me when I say

that even Brandon Jacobs can't crack tackles like the Burner. On top of that, once Turner

gets going there are few players in the NFL that can catch him. Just look at him in that

wardrobe rocketing past everyone. Absolutely red and majestic like a Ferrari cutting


Especially in that jersey I love that bright red. On the front of the jersey "Falcons" is

silkscreened in a small font right above the number 33. On the left side of the front shirt

tail there is an electric blue locker tag that has the NFL Equipment logo on the left side

upper corner there is a blank place to write in a name and number in silver is below that

and under that it reads "ON FIELD" in white stitching.

I own quite a number of falcon jerseys but my most elaborate collection is of course the

Turner series I have. You can get yours online and if you dont want to spend a fortune on

these you can get replicated jerseys that are as good as the real ones but way cheaper.

I ordered a new one last week and its 100% polyester like all Reebok replica jerseys so

fabric fading or shrinking due to laundering will never be an issue. This Ferrari red

Atlanta Falcons alternate jersey has a standard miter V-neck like all jerseys in this

product line. NFL Equipment logo patch in red, blue and silver is sewn on directly at the

base of the neck. The shoulders and sleeves are made of shiny, tightly woven polyester and

feature Turner number 33 silkscreened in white and outlined in black.

The sleeves have silkscreened white Reebok logos and Falcons logos. The armpits of the

sleeves consist of white and black fabric. The nameplate in the middle of the upper back

has "Turner" screen-printed in white capital letters outlined in black. What holds this

incredible piece of apparel together is the sturdy double needle construction so

questioning its durability is pointless?

I really believe that if Tuner stays fit and continues his current form throughout his

career, his jersey may be an all time best seller and that is just the reason I have been

buying his jersey over and over. Besides, I dont mind telling everyone who my favorite

running back is in the NFL. any other interested, you can check online web

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